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Picture of me

I'm a passionate computer scientist. As such, I recently decided that I had to have my own WEB page. Maybe I'll do something interesting out of it in the future (other than playing around I mean).

Currently, its main purpose is to gather links to online resources about my past and current work in the same place. It also lets me play with HTML, CSS and various WEB technologies.

A Short Resume

I have a Ph.D. in Computer Science obtained in january 2011 at University of Liège in Belgium. My research was about so-called "best performance computing" i.e. how to obtain the best performances in heterogeneous (both in hardware and software) and unreliable environments (follow this link for more details). At that time, I developed strong skills in algorithmics, graph related problems solving, Java, network programming, high-performance computing, etc.

I am currenlty building a strong technical experience in the professional world with technologies like Java, Maven, Spring, Hibernate, Git, Python, Javascript, GWT, etc.

Online Resources

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